Through over 60 combined years of experience and evolving technology, Continental Technologies, Inc., has come up with a way of doing things a little more effectively in the water well treatment business...

CTI has created a trifecta of well treating products called Redi Clean.  These products lengthen the life of your well by drastically reducing or eliminating corrosion and buildup.  These three products do not just treat the symptoms of your problem, they attack it at the source.  You will find that with these products you will get better cleaning at less cost than other well treatment products.

Redi Clean specializes its dosage of treatment product specifically to your well.  Fill out our short

well profile questionnaire to receive treating instructions and chemical needs.

Along with providing an environmentally conscious product, we also:

    -make available trained professionals to apply the product for best results

    -train your team so they are equipped with the knowledge to treat your well

Rid your wells of harmful iron bacteria!

Easy to apply... Environmentally friendly!

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Water Well Treatment & Rehabilitation